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Do we need to provide a PA System and a lighting rig?

No, The band will provide their own PA system and lighting rig suitable for most indoor events.  If your event is over 300 people, or in a large venue. We will advise going with a bigger PA system and Sound engineer which we can arrange for an additional cost.  PA systems are important to the band and providing the best sound possible, so it is important to get this right to avoid a bad overall mix, uneven levels and feedback. 

​Can we request songs for our event?

Yes, upon booking the band, any requests you have we will work on at no extra charge, But it is important to us that we get it right. Therefore request will need to be submitted at booking or soon after.  

Will you provide music after your set?

Yes. In between sets and post the band's performance the sound system will be left up for an agreed amount of time. We have a playlist of songs that will keep the guests on the dance floor. If you have any requests then please let us know so we can arrange this for you. Alternatively, if you have your own playlist we can supply the correct connection for a phone/ipod/laptop to play your own music. 

How long does the band play for?

We can vary our sets to suit your needs but typically we can do 2 x 45 minute, 3 x 40 minute or 2 x 1 hour sets.

When will the band arrive at my event?

Exact times can be arranged to fit your event, however the band ideally need around 90 minutes to load-in, set up and soundcheck before the start of the first performance.

What is a sound check and how long will it take?

Soundcheck is an essential part to any band's performance. This is where we check the volume of the band and make adjustments so everything can be heard clearly. Every room is different and therefore it is important to check the variations in a room in order to avoid issues such as feedback and to ensure the band sounds great for your event. A good Soundcheck will take between 10-20 minutes, Each instrument is checked and then the band will play one or two songs to make sure it is all balance properly.

The venue for my event has a sound limiter. Will this be an issue?

No, we can work around the sound limiter. However this can effect the bands performance especially if the limiter has the capability to cut the power. Please let us know if this is the case so we can compensate for it. For more on sound limiters, please get in touch.

Can we use the bands PA System for speeches?

Of course, However we do not run wireless microphones, so speeches will have to be on the stage area with band equipment around. 


Where can I see Rhythm City play?

Rhythm City are based on the South coast of England in Hampshire and practice in Portsmouth. We play in all types of venues including pubs, clubs and festivals. Head to the gig section on our website to find out where we are playing.  

How do I book?

Please head to the contacts page of the website where you can email the band direct, or contact us on Facebook. 

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